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Corporate Health & Safety Manager

Kitchener, ON

Position Title

Corporate Health & Safety Manager

Reports to

Project Director

Job Location

Various sites across GTA, Barrie, Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo

Contract Duration

Permanent Full Time

Job Purpose:

Provides leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and updating of corporate Health & Safety Program (HASP) and to ensure that Gillam Team Members & trade contractors on our sites work safety so that Everyone Goes Home Safe Each and Every Day.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Strive towards continuous improvement in health & safety and assist Gillam in becoming an industry leader with respect to health & safety.
  2. Is an integral part of Gillam’s Safety Operations Management Team (SOMT).
  3. Promote and participate in corporate safety initiatives (such as Don’t Walk By, Rewarding Safe Behaviour, Yellow Hard Hat, Safety Week) and other safety industry events.
  4. Works directly with the project management teams (field operations and office functions) to develop and implement an effective site-specific safety plan and quality control measures.
  5. Assists project management teams in the coordination of the health and safety of trade contractor, vendor and owner personnel working on Gillam projects.
  6. Coordinate project health & safety programs with trade contractors and assists in project start-up, planning and coordinating work to minimize risks.
  7. Collect heath & safety reports from project management teams and statistics from project sites. Analyze data and prepare summary reports for Gillam management review.
  8. Manage losses involving injuries or property damages. Conduct accident investigations and complete incident reporting for Gillam management review. Assist in preparing reports for other government authorities as required. Ensures all safety protocols are followed and documented.
  9. Coordinate quarterly comprehensive on-site safety audits.
  10. Periodically inspects and evaluates the project sites, equipment and processes for compliance with applicable local regulations, as well as Gillam plus owner policies and procedures.
  11. Provides training and education to Gillam personnel regarding safety requirements, including coordination of new hire safety orientation programs.
  12. Track training records for Gillam team members and promote additional training as appropriate. Ensure Gillam team members are in compliance with & following industry health & safety regulations.
  13. Assist with estimating, scheduling, planning logistics and procurement of construction projects as they relate to Health & Safety.
  14. Train and mentor Gillam team members in the field of health & safety.
  15. Development of Gillam corporate health & safety department, administration, processes and controls.
  16. Chair & manage and/or participate with Gillam corporate health & safety meetings, seminars and health & safety industry updates.
  17. Communicate and work with Ministry of Labour, WSIB, IHSA and other related industry organizations.
  18. Manage, lead and drive Gillam’s COR certification and renewal credentials.
  19. Assistance with business development, client relationships & industry association activities as required.
  20. Be a Leader in the construction industry safety space.

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