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Senior Project Manager

Toronto, ON

We are seeking a passionate and driven Senior Project Manager for our upcoming Toronto office, opening early 2024. A Senior Project Manager (SPM) runs and oversees projects of all complexities and sizes at Fast + Epp. They provide oversight to team members and ensure effective execution of projects within budget. Senior Project Managers bring their senior-level communication and organizational skills to multiple projects in maintaining plans, schedules, budgets, designs and details projects throughout the project timeline. A SPM is responsible for PMs working on their teams and ultimately responsible for all team members to ensure all required tasks are completed for each project through their work or delegation to team members. At Fast + Epp, our core purpose is to advance structural design and propel architectural imagination. We strive to manifest this core purpose in the designs we produce, the community we have created in our company culture, and the professional development we provide for our staff and their careers. We’re looking for people who approach problems with a sense of curiosity and are not afraid to ask, “Is there a better way to do this?” We want people who will bring diverse experiences and viewpoints to our team, those who love to collaborate with others and understand they have something to learn from everyone they meet. We’re searching for individuals who are honest, reliable, and good listeners. If you work with us, we want you to stretch your limits while still ensuring you maintain healthy habits, relationships, and other interests. If this sounds like the career path for you, we encourage you to apply!

How You Fit into the Team

A Project Manager works within the Project Delivery Department under the supervision of the Director of Project Delivery and Studio Lead. They work with Project Delivery Leads to maintain a successful client relationship. The SPM is responsible for the entire Project Team.

Day-to-Day Duties:

  • Set and maintain project budget throughout life of project
  • Coordinate with proposal writer to establish budget at start of project
  • Maintaining % complete in PM software
  • Create a WBS at the start of each project
  • Project scheduling in PM software for planning and projections
  • Monthly invoicing and AR
  • Project task planning and delegation
  • Manage and chair weekly internal project team meetings
  • Maintain meeting minutes for all internal and external project meetings
  • Ensure production of organization of design calculations and project files
  • Ensure completeness of all project documents for issue as well as internal documentation
  • Ensure all QAQC procedures are followed and correctly documented
  • Coordinate with BIM team to ensure successfully drawing documentation
  • Oversight of project scope and scope creep and request of ad services as required
  • Build and maintain client relationship
  • Collaborate with architect to coordinate project
  • Collaboratively work with other project managers to resolve workload issues and conflicting deadlines
  • Work to ensure team member effectiveness through building team relationships and task delegation that highlights individual skillsets with the overall team.
  • Perform calculations on some or all aspects of project depending on project scale
  • Works to ensure team member effectiveness through building team relationships and task delegation that highlights individual skill sets with the overall team
  • Effectively manages time
  • Sets availability for others to review technical problems as well as offer mentorship
  • Mentors and trains Project Managers as well as engineers through project execution

What you bring to the table:

  • Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering
  • 6+ years of experience in engineering, structural engineering preferred
  • P.Eng/P.E. designation preferred
  • Able to multitask for multiple/large-scale projects, setting team priorities
  • Able to manage project time and workflow
  • Able to organize and communicate with internal and external team members
  • Able to manage project process and order, advise and liaise with external project team members
  • Able to provide guidance and troubleshooting for general construction techniques and material use
  • Strong organization skills and handling of multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Capacity for multitasking for multiple projects, with the ability to set team priorities
  • Ability to manage time well, schedule tasks, and estimate timelines for project teams
  • Understanding of project process and order, including procurement types
  • Understanding of general construction techniques and materials
  • Ability to compose letters, memos, and reports
  • Understanding of statics and dynamics with regard to building design
  • Ability to understand software results and troubleshoot models quickly
  • Ability to manage the internal project team
  • Ability to maintain and enforce deadlines
  • Respond to team member issues within projects
  • Strong and effective communication skills

Why work for Fast + Epp?

At Fast + Epp, we strive to be more than a stereotypical engineering company. We are also a collection of musicians, volunteers, amateur athletes, artists, parents and community members. We build our workplace culture through frequent socials, in-house soccer and softball teams, relay triathlon teams, weekly group hiking nights, and informal pub nights, to name a few. Our work days are flexible and fit with our lives outside of the office. As we continue to grow, we are committed to preserving our “design studio” atmosphere by encouraging our staff to be creative and forward thinking in all that they do.

  • Work for an industry leader and contribute to exciting and challenging projects
  • We want everyone at Fast + Epp to grow as professionals – whether you’re an engineer, drafter, or part of our administrative team. We are continually looking for ways to mentor you inside our company and to support continued learning outside the office, including courses, conferences, exam preparation, and membership in professional organizations. We realize one size does not fit all. At Fast + Epp, you’re encouraged to envision a professional development plan that fits your role and career goals – we will do our best to support you in reaching the next milestone. We invest in your professional development, with offered tuition support/assistance
  • Flexible working hours with the ability to utilize “Flex Time” for additional paid time off
  • Hybrid working environment
  • Annual company profitability and discretionary bonuses
  • Office closure between Christmas + New Year’s Day
  • Positive and collegial team and working atmosphere with fun social events!
  • Extended Health & Dental Plan, Health Spending Account, and RRSP Matching
  • Transit subsidy

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