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Vice President of Engineering

Calgary, AB

VP Engineering

Job Type: Full-time permanent

Department: Engineering

Location: Calgary

Company Description

Carbon Upcycling is on a mission to become the most impactful carbontech company of this decade by transforming CO2 emissions into the materials of tomorrow.

Working in carbontech is an adventure reserved for the bold. You'll be working on the frontier of decarbonization, where the answers aren't always clear, facing the challenges no one has ever solved before – but you won't be alone.

From our talented engineers to our dedicated researchers, our global team is bonded by our shared desire to make a difference at a time and scale that is imperative to the future of our planet.

Hiring Philosophy

The right candidate for this role might not have every qualification listed in this job description. You may have skills that we haven’t considered. If you think you’d make a great candidate for this position, please apply let and us know why. We look forward to hearing from you!

Role Overview

As the Vice President of Engineering, you will be a member of the leadership team accountable for the strategic intent of the company with direct responsibility for implementation of strategy to all technical aspects and engineering activities within the company. You will play a pivotal role in driving the development, innovation, and execution of our commercial-scale project deployments on a global scale, ensuring alignment with business objectives and our people practices.

Strategic Leadership:

  • Strategic Vision and Direction: As a leadership team member, influence the strategic intent of the company, integrating technical projects with overall company goals.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Implement solutions to unprecedented challenges in decarbonization, leveraging your experience to guide the company through complex situations.
  • Long-term Technological Planning: Lead the development of a multi-generation technology plan, ensuring the company's technical advancements align with its mission and market demands.

Team Leadership:

  • Team Cultivation: Develop, and retain top engineering talent, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Provide mentorship to facilitate professional growth and skill development in a Global environment.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work closely with R&D, Business Development, Grants, Strategy teams and Human Resources ensuring product, technology and employee development align with market needs, customer requirements and CUT growth plans.
  • Strategic Communication: Engage routinely with senior management and the board, providing comprehensive updates on projects and fostering effective communication across teams.

Technical Oversite:

  • Advanced Project Oversight: Lead the execution of multiple existing projects, ensuring their successful completion. Oversee the pre-feed, FEED, and detailed engineering stages of future projects.
  • Quality and Standards Compliance: Guarantee adherence to relevant codes and standards, reviewing and approving critical engineering deliverables and project stage gates within civil, chemical and process engineering disciplines.
  • Innovation in Engineering Practices: Develop high-level project plans and refine engineering processes, setting the benchmark for project management practices in the industry.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Prioritize safety in all projects and ensure engineering practices align with professional practice plans, contributing to their continuous improvement.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Engineering Efficiency: Metrics on team productivity and efficiency.
  • Project Delivery Success: On-time and quality-standard project deliveries.
  • Technological Advancement Contribution: Impact on the company's technological growth and innovation.
  • Employee Engagement: Metrics on turnover, productivity and engagement

Education and Qualifications:

  • 15+ years of experience in engineering, at least 10+ years in a leadership role overseeing multiple cross functional teams.
  • Registered or certified professional engineer in current place of residence and in good standing required or able to quickly obtain that status is acceptable.

Role Details:

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Significant travel required (30% of the time) to project locations in Canada, US, and Europe.

Languages Required: English.


Competitive salary, extended health benefits, paid parental leave, bereavement time, vacation and sick leave, health and life insurance, stock options, and extensive training opportunities.

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